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What is Clickbank and How Does Clickbank Work?

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what is clickbank and how does clickbank work

In this opportunity, you will learn about what exactly ClickBank is, and how it works for folks who want to earn money online. But before going further, let’s define exactly what is Clickbank.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network which works as a middleman that connects the product owners with the affiliates.

The product owners are usually known as advertisers, vendors, merchants, or product sellers. Meanwhile, the affiliates are usually known as publishers.

It is a US-based company which has been operating since 1998. Since its establishment, ClickBank has been evolving to become one of the most prominent digital marketplaces around the globe.

ClickBank offers a wonderful platform where the product owners can sell their digital products such as computer software, ebooks, designs packs, and many more. The site also offers the payment processor so that the affiliates can rely on ClickBank fully to earn money.

ClickBank is the bridge between the product owners and affiliates. In essence, both parties need each other because they both want to earn money.

In this case, the product owners will use ClickBank platform to advertise their products. Meanwhile, the affiliates will pick their products to promote and earn some commissions if there are any sales.

what-is-clickbank What is Clickbank and How Does Clickbank Work?
Daily Clickbbank Earning (this could be you)

The Perks of ClickBank Marketplace

ClickBank marketplace is basically  a great choice for both advertisers and publishers. But let’s see the benefits of ClickBank marketplace from each respective point of view.

Perks for Rroduct Owners

As a product owner, it will be challenging to promote your brand or products. You will have to contribute your efforts and time to spread the words about your products. But doing this all alone is exhausting and time-consuming. What if the affiliates can help you with the promotion?

As long as you have good products,affiliates will trust you and they will recommend other people to use your product. Therefore, you will be able to earn money without sacrificing your time. Let them do the job for you while you are able to focus on your core responsibilities. After all, you don’t have to pay the affiliate anything until they sell a product for you.

There are quite a few affiliates who join with ClickBank. It is undeniable that many people are motivated to make money online but not all of them are able to make their own product.

To list your product in the ClickBank website, you simply need to set up an account and upload your product there. You will have the freedom to set the price and the commission that will get paid to the affiliate when they make a sale.

All of the transactions are made in ClickBank. So, you won’t need to waste your money to get other payment services or process the payment by yourself. This is a huge perk.

ClickBank also offers a considerable rate of bonus if you can lead other product owners to sign up with ClickBank. You will receive 22% of initial sign-up fee. You will also earn some when they manage to sell their products on Clickbank.

The Perks for Affiliates

Presuming that you know how the Affiliate Marketing works, Clickbank is no exception. It offers the affiliates the ability to earn some extra cash for helping the product owners to sell their products. Clickbank does not charge you anything to sign up with them.

The moment you finish your registration, you will come across tons of products to promote.

Making money with Clickbank will be your second nature, especially if you have experience in affiliate marketing.

The commision rate offered by the Clickbank merchants is varied from 1% to 75%. I know, 75% is crazy, right? But that’s the reality!

Clickbank has the internal signals like the feedback, gravity, and reviews of the products. You can read these signals to determine which products you would like to sell to the market and which products that you want to ban from promoting. In a nutshell, you will have a freedom to choose which products you want to promote in your website, blog, or other platforms.

Are You New to the Idea of Affiliate Marketing and Platforms like Clickbank?

If the affiliate marketing thing is new for you, you don’t need to worry since there are several great training guides available at VERY reasonable prices. We’ll introduce you to a few great training source down below. The intent of the training is to teach you how to get started in making money with Clickbank from zero to hero.

The learning curve of lessons is also short so that you can start promoting products as soon as you finish your training or even while in training.

Clickbank categorizes the products on different corridors which allow you to navigate the marketplace easily. Therefore, it is not hard to find the right products which you want to promote and can be passionate about.

Each product you click will come with the complete information, statistics, as well as how much the commision you can earn from each product. Of course, you will want to get the niche ideas first to determine which products that you’d like to promote in your resources.

Make money with Clickbank

From the points above, there are basically two ways to make money with Clickbank: 1) sell your own product, 2) sell other people’s product

If the first option is not viable for you for any reason, you don’t need to worry. At the moment we write this article, Clickbank representative claimed that they have over six million unique products and have reached over 200 million customers around the globe.

What does it mean? The opportunity to make money online from Clickbank is evergreen for everyone. Imagine that you can pick one from six million products in the marketplace. You can literally come across the products which are relevant to your current website’s niches (or a new website you create).

There are different forms of digital products that you can recommend including the ebooks, online courses, videos, music, audio content, and many more. There are also some physical products like LeptoConnect which is basically a weightloss product.

So, How Much Money Can Be Made With Clickbank?

That’s a loaded question. First of all, you have to start somewhere and that’s where the phrase “zero to hero” comes in. It also depends on whether you want to try and find little tidbits of training that is totally free, OR just go for the full blow Clickbank Training Courses shown below. At the end of the day, your earnings will be a direct result of your efforts and the amount of resources you put into your new business.

Here are a Few Great ClickBank Training Resources (Check them all out and pick 1):

  1. The “Super Affiliate System” gets you started with A FREE training series that reveals everything you need to get started step by step. Basically, this system teaches everything you need to know about making money with Clickbank or any other affiliate program. You can get started free, but to get all the nuggets you need, you may decide to upgrade so you can crush it like you see below in one of the testimonials.

Get started FREE here!


john-crestani-clickbank-affiliate-system What is Clickbank and How Does Clickbank Work?

2. Clickbank University is another great way to learn how to make money online, specifically Clickbank. This one teaches you quite a bit, step by step and is very affordable. Here’s what it’s all about:

  • 8 week affiiate course AND a 12 week vendor class
  • Bi Weekly expert classes
  • Specially curated Add on Trainings
  • CBU toolkit and traffic center
  • Discounts on some of the best industry tools
  • Clickbank University community
  • Surprise bonuses

Check out Clickbank University HERE

clickbank-university-clickbank-training What is Clickbank and How Does Clickbank Work?

3. WiFi Bosses Click Bank Training is another training program that allows you to get started by registering for their free webinar. The training is very good and it put on by a couple of Clickabank’s top affiliates. Same deal here, you can get started free, but for the meat and potatoes you’ll need to upgrade.

what-is-clickbank-simple-wifi-profits-clickbank-training What is Clickbank and How Does Clickbank Work?

4. Last but not Least, Perpetual Income 365 Clickbank Training is excellent training that teaches you everything you need to know. You can get started for just $9.00 for 2 weeks. You won’t quite learn it all in 2 weeks, but you’ll have a sense whether it’s for you. If it is, forge ahead for a very reasonable price. You learn everything you need to know in an easy to follow step by step system. Get started for just $9.00 HERE

perpetual-income-365-clickbank-training-system What is Clickbank and How Does Clickbank Work?


Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily HAVE to have a website already. All of these training programs show you exactly what to do. Plus, there are is also an exciting new opportunity called GroovePages. Basically, GroovePages is a drag and drop website builder that also has a killer business opportunity and tools that will help you with your Clickbank and or affiliate business. Check out GroovePages HERE!

There is alot that goes into affiliate marketing and making money online with Clickbank or any other affiliate network. No, it’s not a get rich quick type of thing and everyone has different results that are impacted by the time you put in, your efforts, whether you do free marketing only, SEO, or paid marketing (better yet, all 3).

The point is, if you want it, it’s’ yours! Grab it by putting in the work because with Clickbank, the sky is the limit.

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