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Should I Drive for Uber or Should I Drive for Lyft?

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Should I drive for Uber? Should I drive for Lyft? If you are considering driving for Lyft and Uber, I’ll explain which is better. Keep in mind that this changes periodically. If you’re going to drive for either one, I recommend signing up for both to maximize your earning potential.

My Background Driving Lyft and Uber

I signed up to drive for Lyft back in the first half of 2018.  For me, it was a secondary income.  I basically funnel that money into a separate account that is flagged for vacations.  However, when my checking gets to be lower than what I prefer, I’ll route that money into my regular account.  I had a regular day job and I wanted the ability to earn extra money without being stuck to a schedule like I would if I opted for a regular second job (like bar tending or something like that).  I have done it off and on since then, but in this post I’ll be talking about what it’s like after things started to open up as it pertains to the COVID pandemic restrictions being eased.

The Short Answer to Should I Drive for Lyft or Uber?

That’s easy, you should opt to drive for both Lyft AND Uber.

BTW, Lyft is offering a $550 bonus to new drivers once they complete their 160th ride. Link Below.

Why Drive for Lyft AND Uber Both?

When I first started the side gig of driving for Lyft, I ONLY signed up for Lyft.  I did it for a couple of days.  Guess what!  In my area (Anaheim Hills / Yorba Linda) I wasn’t busy enough with just the one app.  The gentleman that suggested I do this on the side then told me that I needed to do both. So, I quickly signed up to do Uber also.  At that time, I’d simply log on to both apps and then accept the first ride from whichever app pinged me.  Then, I’d turn off the other app.  After I dropped of the rider, I’d click them both back on and continue the process until I was done for the day.

However, now that we are in 2021, it’s not necessary to turn both apps on to stay busy.  I can be busy with one app or the other.

However, I Still Recommend Driving for Both Apps and Here’s Why?

It’s all about maximizing your time and earnings.  Each app pays roughly the same in terms of the fares I get.  However, what varies greatly are the bonuses.  Capitalizing on the bonuses is what gets you the most bang for your buck.  If I’m thinking of driving on any given day or week, I always make myself familiar with the potential bonuses I can pick up with one app or the other.

BTW, Lyft is offering a $550 bonus to new drivers once they complete their 160th ride. Link Below.

How Much Can You Make Driving for Lyft or Uber?

Prior to the pandemic, the average wage per hour was reportedly about $17 an hour.  I personally found that I made more like $20 – $25 an hour.  I was usually pretty disappointed if it was less than $20 an hour. 

Now, post pandemic, it’s much better in terms of what I make.  This is especially true if I work the bonuses.

For example, in recent weeks Lyft has been offering what they call “Streak Bonuses”.  Basically, your app will tell you that if you take 3 consecutive rides (meaning, you don’t log off) starting within a certain hour, then you get a $15 or $18 bonus (sometimes $12).  It will take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to give 3 rides and the average fare for me is around $9.00.  So, if I gave 3 rides, I’d get about $27 based on the law of averages PLUS the $18 bonus for a total of $45.

Sometimes Uber has what they call Quest bonuses. For example, they might say “if you give 20 rides over the weekend you’ll get a $120 bonus”.  Also, sometimes Uber has much better surge fares near me.  

Below is a screenshot that shows my time logged on and my earning.  As you can see below, I made $144 in 3 hours and 22 minutes.  Plus, what you don’t see is that I got a $15 cash tip during that time so I really made like $169 (FYI, people don’t tip that often and it’s usually not that much). That’s about $50 per hour.  Again, my average lately is more like $33 – $37 an hour.  It’s not always $40 or $50. 

Below that is a screenshot of Uber earning. As you can see it was 19 hours and 54 minutes with $724.87 earned. That’s about $36.42 per hour.

should-i-drive-for-lyft-or-uber-snapshot-of-lyft-earnings-june-of2021 Should I Drive for Uber or Should I Drive for Lyft?
Should I Drive For Lyft?

How Much Money Have I Been Making Driving For Lyft & Uber in 2021?

This obviously changes, BUT I’ve been averaging between $33 – $37 per hour.  On some occasions I make $40-$50 an hour, but that’s not the norm.  Again, it’s all about being familiar with the bonuses each platform may be offering. 

What I Like About Driving for Lyft and Uber

  1. You can work when you want.
  2. You can work for however long you want.
  3. You don’t have a set schedule.
  4. You can get paid INSTANTLY (or just wait until the automatic weekly payouts).
  5. You have legitimate tax write offs.
uber-earning-statement-for-should-i-drive-for-uber-or-should-i-drive-for-lyft-article Should I Drive for Uber or Should I Drive for Lyft?
Should I Drive for Uber?

Downside of Driving for Lyft or Uber

Like anything in life, there’s pros and there are cons.  Here’s the downside as I see it:

  1. The wear and tear and mileage you put on your car.  Plus, you’re responsible for the service and maintenance of your vehicle.
  2. Sometimes some folks think it’s OK to just roll up in your car and start eating without asking if you’re cool with that.  I personally am not, so I respectfully ask if they can wait until they get to their destination.
  3. You’re letting a total stranger into your car.  Think about it, would you pick up a hitch-hiker?  Most of us wouldn’t.  However, I’ve never really had issues and most everyone is very respectful. 

Which Platform Do I Like Better – Lyft or Uber?

That changes periodically, but most of the time I like Lyft better.  In recent months they have better bonuses.

If you want to start earning with Lyft or Uber, click the links below.  Lyft is currently offering a $550 bonus to new drivers once they complete their 160th ride.  Uber promos change frequently.  Below are the links to get started with both.

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