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Redefining Leadership With AI

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Redefining Leadership With AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is swiftly transforming the world. The modern technology with AI capabilities produces a number of inventions including autonomous vehicles, self-driving flights, robotics, among others. There are also amazing AI features which predict the future and drive  logical thinking.  Hence,  AI is the best tool of technology leaders who want to make the world more advanced and with promising inventions. It is also now considered the most important factor that business leaders look into to distinguish modern business models and revenue generating jobs. It is not just technology but also a portal of transforming companies globally.  

It is possible for AI transformation to be successful if top leaders implement and make it a priority for their companies. With all its importance in an industry, it is safe to say that AI will  not only build the future of the companies but also the head or the leaders of the companies relying on artificial intelligence. 

Interest and Flexibility – you need to be adaptable, versatile and flexible if you want to lead an enterprise with AI. Your mindset should focus on the possible development of your company once you incorporate AI – that will surely require swift skills in performing tasks. Successful leaders in the AI era are capable of handling teams who are aware of the advantages AI can bring in their line of business. You should also have a high level of curiosity and interest in the business and technology world if you want to lead an AI enterprise. You should always be on top of every game changing solution that will have a direct impact on the higher ups and your subordinates.

Vision Driven – you should be strong yet concise in communicating your vision if you want to lead an AI enterprise. Only those leaders with an innate strength in implementing his vision and a keen observer of details  will be part of  AI ready organizations. While clarity of vision is important in leading an AI enterprise, it is also a must to be focused on executing the vision. In order  to be successful in leading AI, make sure that you not only complete the vision but you also monitor, execute and practice it. Remain flexible as discussed earlier while doing those.

Enhanced EQ – your EQ should be equal or higher than your IQ if you want to lead an AI enterprise. Leaders listening to employees is the key for an AI enterprise to succeed. There should always be that human element in delivering AI. A robot or a smart machine may be able to assess multiple complex business problems and provide solutions faster but a human being is still the best in spurring the leadership team to action, keeping away from political agenda and identifying perfect  people  to lead change.

Critical Thinking – leaders in an AI era should analyze issues from all points of view by gathering factual information or previous experience. While AI can make quantitative decisions faster than any human can do, critical thinking still remains with the leaders. Logical reasoning is not something that AI can do, that is why leaders should equip themselves with this attitude.

Accountability and Reliability – leaders should always be accountable in any decision making process. They should be more transparent and reliable in delivering output. In an AI enterprise, leaders should align themselves with the mission, vision and ethics of the organization. 

Intuitiveness – AI has no intuition which is innate to human beings. Machines can extract data driven output in a short span of time, however, they cannot match the intuition of leaders with years of experience and expertise. The key in an AI organization meeting its goals is the intuition of its  leaders. 

Ethical judgment – AI cannot come up with cost saving alternatives and strategies, it does not have the capacity to deal with the consequences of its results. It is therefore necessary for leaders to communicate well with the rules surrounding the technology so when AI develops solutions to business issues, it will be for the leaders to decide if it fits with the organization’s values, goals and mission.

Artificial intelligence must be treated  the way new employees entering a company are treated. AI is not an overnight solution to all the issues in an industry so leaders should learn to  trust the process and  watch the outcome. Surely it will have a positive impact on an industry where leaders explore and embrace change. 

The characteristics of being a good leader in an AI enterprise that I presented in this article are just similar to what leaders should possess in a traditional organization. The only difference is that we are using machines and high end technology  in delivering AI. Nonetheless, for AI to be successful, it is important that both types of intelligence – artificial and human –coexist to deliver transformational results.

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