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About & Contact Info

I created because I’m very inquisitive, have multiple small businesses, and love to write and create. I have tons of personal interests like spending time with my family consisting of 4 daughters (yep, I’m a “girl dad”) and my wife. Plus, we are very outdoorsy. I love soccer, and water sport, mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, or just about anything in the mountains, on lakes, rivers, or in the ocean.

For work, I have developed quite a few small businesses, am involved in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, mortgages (I especially love Reverse Mortgages and writing about Reverse Mortgage Info), internet marketing, and website creation.

I even started a small business with one of my daughters when she was fourteen. It’s a work in progress. We’re not paying for any marketing and just working on organic, free traffic to our Online Swimwear Store. Eventually, we ended up selling this store. It wasn’t a massive payout for me, but my daughter was happy. Later, she had told me “low key, I wish we didn’t sell the swimwear store”.

I also do Youtube and have several small channels. One is called Reversed TV and is primarily about reverse mortgage……………, you might something about anything that goes in reverse. Videos like that are fun to watch. I also have sort of an everything page where I talk about numerous things.

I’m treating this “about” page almost like a digital journal. As for Youtube, my Reversed TV channel has a measly 8 subscribers and 9 videos. My other channel is more of a less niche specific channel. As of now (May 8, 2020) it’s only got 357 subscribers and 13 videos. It’ll be fun to watch how things change from here.

I’ll be posting my 2nd post on What-About today. My first one was on April 30th. It was called Money Management Tips for Seniors. I have been busy with my normal work, but I also managed to publish this post about Removing Medical Collections from Credit Report and Retirement Gifts for Women.



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