How to Make an Edible Christopher Columbus Ship

Jun 11, 2011 by

Nothing says celebration like food, and what better way to celebrate Columbus Day (and learn some history along the way) than to create your own edible ship. When you teach your children how to make an edible Christopher Columbus ship you may be surprised at how much more they remember once their ships are gone.

Children learn in different ways. Some children learn best by reading, others by listening and still others by the hands-on method. Over the course of time what children are taught seems to change, and teaching methods have definitely changed through the years. One teacher may focus entirely on important dates in history while another concentrates on the people.

It’s really not hard to create an edible ship to snack on. Start with apples. Before letting the children have fun making their own Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria, you’ll want to core the apples and cut them in half.

Other items you’ll need to create your edible ships include peanut butter, pre-made frosting or soft cream cheese. You’ll also need long, thin pretzels and mini marshmallows. If you’re doing this at home, you’ll know if your child has an allergy or not. On the other hand, if you’re helping children make edible Christopher Columbus ships in school or another location, you’ll want to get permission from parents for their children to participate if they have an allergy.

Give each child one half of a cored apple. Allow them to spoon enough peanut butter or cream cheese onto the apple that it will help a pretzel stand up in it. Demonstrate to the children how to place two marshmallows onto the pretzel stick and insert this into the center of the creamy mixture. The pretzel is the central mast. They may want to add some broken pretzels into the mixture for additional masts.

While the children are making their ships you can begin to tell them about Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day. If your children are very young and not in school yet, you’ll be able to introduce them to some of the things they’ll learn in school. For children who are already in school it will reinforce what they’re learning.

Another type of edible Christopher Columbus ship your child can make is with eggs. As an adult you’ll want to boil enough eggs so each child will have at least one half. Pre-make the center similar to deviled eggs. Using a toothpick as the mast, glue a small triangle of white paper onto the toothpick and when dry place it into the center of the mixture.

Children learn in all different ways and having a snack to reinforce what they learn can be helpful. When Columbus Day nears you can teach them how to make an edible Christopher Columbus ship to enjoy as they begin learning history.

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