Show Off Friday 213

Aug 25, 2016 by

Butterfly Snack Bags Make Lunches Fun
What a fun idea! Lolly Jane blog


Easy Pizza Meatloaf Recipe
Finally a Meatloaf Your Kids Will Eat Without Complaint! Creatively Homemade

easy pizza meatloaf

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Show Off Friday 212

Aug 18, 2016 by

I’ve got some really pretty for you this week! ~Enjoy!

Alfresco Dining Farmhouse Tablescape
Lolly Jane blog


Tutorial: Le Petit Gateau and Bakery Signs
A Vintage Green

french bakery sign

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Wedding Speech Do’s and Dont’s

Aug 17, 2016 by

wedding speech

So, you are the Best Man or the Maid of Honor at a wedding? And thinking of those tense moments when few dozen or few hundred eyes are going to stare at you, looking at you while you are delivering a wedding speech. How to manage those not-so-sweet minutes that are going to put your heart racing in a sprint? There are some ways to follow so that you pass with flying colors to an extent that the whole assembly enjoys it, including you.

First of all, your wedding speech shouldn’t be offensive to someone in the audience. It is always a good idea to avoid any comments on religion and politics. You may not have meant something, but it may get perceived that way. This may lead to some troublesome situation. Secondly, avoid being on a negative note. You don’t need to tell people that this is the first time you are delivering such a speech before a huge audience like this. In any case, if it is a bad one, people will already have guessed it, You don’t need to confirm it and lose some more confidence in the process.

Avoid jokes that fall in personal zone. You may crack jokes as a generic entity, but shouldn’t dwell on a particular individual or community. This always leads to quarrelsome situation. Also, don’t ever laugh at your own jokes. If you still feel that the joke was good but the public didn’t respond to it properly, it will be a good idea to drop all the jokes from the speech.

When you are waiting in the queue to have your speech delivered, that is the tensest moment, at times more tense than the actual delivery of the speech. You can overcome this problem by repeating the first line of your speech to yourself while some one else is delivering the speech.

If you are going to speak about some anecdote or story related to the couple, check whether other speakers have already used it. If that is the case, it is always better to remove it from your list. Your audience may not be interested in hearing the same thing again.

Remember, if you have an opportunity to be a speaker at a wedding, treat this as the greatest opportunity of life. Important to know is that no one in the audience wants you to fail on this. Everyone is on your side. It may not be true for speech opportunities at other places.

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Show Off Friday 211

Aug 11, 2016 by

I have some reaaly nice features for you this week! ~Enjoy!

DIY Farmhouse Pots
I really love this look! Lolly Jane Blog


Easy Sausage and Peppers
This is a must try recipe! sugar & succulents


Fruit Toast
A perfect breakfast! Courtney’s Cookbook


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Sell Your Crafts! Turn Your Hobby into Spending Money

Aug 10, 2016 by

sell your crafts etsy

If you enjoy creating and you constantly hear people telling you that you should sell your creations, it may be time to voyage into the world of selling crafts online for money. Like all things, entering the world of selling crafts should be carefully planned out. There are many websites and venues where you can sell your crafts both online and off.

Online venues are a great way to reach customers all over the world. Popular websites like Etsy, Artfire and eBay are great tools that help to reach your targeted customers. Before making the plunge into selling your crafts, be sure to take the time and do some research beforehand. Keep the following questions in mind as you consider the prospect of selling your creations:

* Do I have a product that people would want to buy? This is the most important question you have to ask yourself. If there is no target market for your products, you will have a hard time selling your creations and not because your items are not nice, but they may not be in demand.

* Who is my potential target market? This is a continuation of the question above because you need to know who to advertise to and how to successfully draw your target market to your items. It would be a waste of time trying to sell baby clothes, for example, to those who do not have children.

* What will I charge for my creations? Pricing is an important strategy. All too often, people undercharge for their creations forgetting to take into consideration the time and materials that go into a product. Make sure you account for both the cost of the materials as well as the time and effort you put forth to create your goods. Also be sure not to overcharge. You may find that your items do not sell because they are over priced.

* Where will I sell my items? Online websites are plentiful when it comes to selling handmade goods. There are websites such as Etsy and Artfire who only allow the sales of handmade goods, along with supplies. EBay is also another popular venue to sell handmade goods. Be aware though, that you will be competing with the other goods that are not handmade and may be cheaper. A good description of the item and its benefits is always a good idea.

If you choose to sell locally, try finding a store that will sell your items on consignment or sign up to exhibit at a local craft show. Both will be good for exposure. If you choose to go the consignment route, be sure to get all terms in writing. Otherwise you run the risk of having your items kept and not paid for.

It is very possible in today’s day and age to make some spending money selling your crafts. Be sure to do your research and follow through your plan by keeping the above questions in mind. Once you have your plan in mind, go ahead and take the plunge. But remember, like anything else, you will get in return what you put forth so make it worth your while.

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Show Off Friday 210

Aug 4, 2016 by

I have some great features for you this week! ~Enjoy!

Stovetop Summer Scent
2 Dishing Divas

citrus scent

The Power of Thank You
Strawberry Butterscotch


Cool it Down with this Watermelon Slushy Drink
Jodie Fitz


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Tips on How to Sell Your Crafts Online

Aug 3, 2016 by

handmade quilts

It’s not unusual for people to enjoy crafting as a hobby. People have been doing it for years, either because they simply enjoy it or because they want to share an activity with a loved one. Many people wonder about selling handmade items and decide to go the craft show route. Wouldn’t selling your hard work elsewhere be good? Here are some tips on how to sell your crafts online.

Attending and participating in craft shows and fairs can run into a good amount of money. Not only do you have to make the crafts you plan to sell, you also have to have tables, ways to display your crafts, possibly a tent if the shows/fairs are outdoors, and the money to participate. By the time you’ve spent all that money, you may be lucky to make a profit or even break even.

Selling crafts online can be a much better option. Not only do you have less overhead, you can actually sell craft items online at any time of the day or night, even while you sleep. Selling online also enables you to reach a much larger clientele than what would possibly attend a craft show during a weekend.

It’s a great idea to have a large amount of crafts pre-made before trying to sell them online. This will help ensure that you have enough for everyone who is interested and are able to give those purchasing your crafts some choices. Know ahead of time what your cost is to produce the crafts to ensure you make a profit on each item sold.

Start out by finding a way to accept payments. One of the easiest ways to accept payments from anyone is with a PayPal account. You don’t have to pay to set up an account but they will charge you a small fee for each transaction. After you’ve been selling your items for a while successfully and profitably, you may want to consider a merchant account but it does have its limitations.

Next you’ll want to think about where you’ll sell your crafts online. Most people think of eBay, but that’s not the only option. Other auction sites specialize in home-made items, such as Both eBay and Etsy are free to set up an account but you’ll have to pay a transaction fee for each item listed and sold. Free options include eCrater and Whichever website you choose, include photos of your items to help potential customers see what you have for sale.

Depending upon your skill on a computer, you may want to set up your own crafting website. The process includes buying a domain name, finding hosting, and designing a website. If that seems too ambitious to begin with, continue to sell on Etsy or eBay while you do research and learn about websites.

Don’t forget to let others know about your crafts. You can do this by joining crafting forums, mentioning items you have for sale on either auction website or by printing out business cards with your craft website address on it.

Offer to give away some of your craft items on a blog you admire. Giving away a few items may seem counter-productive, but it will give people a reason to visit your website or your current auctions.

Using these tips on how to sell your crafts online, you could be well on your way to a new career. Most people selling craft items online start out small. Best of luck in your endeavor!

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