Show Off Friday 144

Mar 26, 2015 by

DIY Wood Carrots
These carrots look great and easy to make! Blooming Homestead


How Cooking With Kids Makes Them Smarter
I really enjoyed this post!

cooking with kids

Cookie Berry Torte
This looks so wonderful! All She Cooks


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For the Love of Doors

Mar 23, 2015 by

A door is something we usually take for granted and never really look at very closely, but they often say so much about us. Doors have always held a fascination for many including myself. You can imagine who lives in a home by the kind of door they have. Doors tell stories about the life within without giving away details and keep you wondering. Let me know in the comments which door suits your family and your personality best. I hope you enjoy these beautiful and intriguing doors I am sharing with you today!

Here is a beautiful door from Provence, France

Provence France Door
Source -Dust Jacket

metal and glass door
Source -Russ Lyon

And who isn’t intrigued by an old castle!

small castle door
Source -The Magical Christmas Wreath Company

Here’s another beautiful door from the South of France

south france blue door
Source -sunsurfer

Rothenburg Germany door
Source -Fine Art Photographs by Dennis Barloga

I think this red door is my favourite!

red door
Source -UGArdener

This is an “Open Sesame” sculpted door

open sesame sculpted door
Source -Lumber Jocks

So simple and so elegant!

fall door
Source -Our Aesthetic

sisi ifni door in blue
Source -mhobl

beautiful portal
Source -Beautiful Portals

Is this the “wise” door?

owl door
Source -boredpanda

No group of doors would be complete without a Hobbit Door!

hobbit door
Source -indulgy

Source -A Beach Cottage

This purple door is just pure beautiful!

purple door
Source -Pinterest

isle of capri italy door
Source -tumblr

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Show Off Friday 143

Mar 19, 2015 by

What Every Parent Needs To Know About Reading To Their Baby
I loved these moments with my babies! moms magazine


How to Drink More Water
This post is so insightful and has so many great tips! Pancake Warriors


Making The Kitchen Mine~Before & After
Kathe did a beautiful job on making her kitchen her own! Kathe With an E

my kitchen

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Show Off Friday 142

Mar 12, 2015 by

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Muffins-Springtime in a Muffin!
Just look at this ooey delicious orange muffin! Shoestring Elegance

orange muffin

Signing Up for the Challenge – Decluttering My Life One Bag at a Time
I love this concept! Honey & Roses

40 bags decrapify

Orange Sunshine Mini Loaves
Here’s another delicious orangey treat! Joy Love Food


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Daffodils ~Delighting That Spring Is Near

Mar 10, 2015 by

The children ask “Will spring be here soon?” Well it looks like winter still has a stronghold but I know spring is just around the corner and winter will have it’s last word but not for long. There is nothing like daffodils blooming to make you know spring is definitely here -and they smell heavenly too! I’m sharing these gorgeous images in anticipation of spring and I’m hoping the daffodils we planted last fall will make their dazzling appearance soon!

daffodils in chinese vase


My favourite daffodils are the bold yellow ones but white comes in a close second!

white daffodils
Source -Pinterest

I love this gorgeous variety of colors!

assorted daffodils
Source -Pinterest

This is my dream cottage!

Small Cottage in grassy field with daffodils
Source -Home Designing

This is a variety called Pipit. Isn’t it unusual and pretty!

daffodils pipit
Source -Suttons Seeds

Wow -beautiful! Framed Stained Glass Panel – Daffodil

Daffodils-framed stained glass
Source -Kennedy Original Stained Glass

This is a perfectly wonderful simple craft to make this spring!

daffodil simple craft
Source -Mend & Make New

Daffodils of Spring Crochet Flowers

crochet daffodils
Source -crochet me

This is a gorgeous watercolour by Doris Joa

daffodil by doris joa
Source -Doris Joa

I love this vintage print called “Narcissus”

vintage daffodil botanical
Source -The Antiquarium

Royal Albert China Daffodil Pattern

royal albert daffodil
Source -Classy Option

So cute! -Here’s the Easter bunny decorating eggs!

vintage easter
Source -Simply kellyb

And one more pretty vintage image from the 1893 Vick’s Catalog to round it up!

vintage narcissus
Source -Clearly Vintage

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Show Off Friday 141

Mar 5, 2015 by

Copycat Restaurant Style Biscuits
Mmmm.. homemade biscuits! All She Cooks

biscuits with jam

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches
And this is a yummy gluten free treat! City of Creative Dreams

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

Use Junk to Hide Your Technical Equipment
What a great idea -I thought this looked so good! scrapality


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Edwin Tuts -Artists

Mar 4, 2015 by

I had the pleasure of meeting this man recently and just wanted to share about his beautiful artwork. He is a really nice down to earth kind of guy and extremely smart and humble too! You can see more of his art here at ARTCOUNTRYCANADA.COM. There is also an article about him on the Hope Mission website.

These are a few of my favorites! I love how he brings out the beautiful light in the clouds.

Nature’s Wisdom


Cumulus Woder

tuts-original cumulus wonder

Eyes of Christ

tuts-original eyes of christ

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