Amazing Research about Stress

Apr 14, 2014 by

We’ve all been taught that stress is the big enemy. However, there is a body of research that shows it may not actually be stress that is our enemy but something else! I was delightfully surprised to learn these truths and I know it will change my view of stress and my life! Once in a while you find a real gem of information and here is one I just stumbled upon today on I want to share it with everyone. Enjoy!

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Show Off Friday #95

Apr 4, 2014 by

Vintage Book Wreath
This is so pretty! Made with Love

book wreath

10 Most Helpful Spring Cleaning Posts
Great stuff! Thank you, Maria, for rounding up these amazing resources in one place. Krafty Cards etc.


Room Changes for under $10
What a beautiful transformation for under $10! Penny’s Vintage Home

under 10 dollars


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Show Off Friday #94

Mar 28, 2014 by

DIY: Baby Burp Cloths!
Here is a wonderful, cute, simple, and useful project! Orchard Girls


How to Bake Party Cupcakes on a Busy Schedule
A great way to whip up some cupcakes for that special day! Let’s Drink Coffee, Darling

bake cupcakes on a busy schedule

Free Stuff for Bloggers
There are some great resources here! The Pin Junkie

free stuff for bloggers 2


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Why Manners Are Important

Mar 24, 2014 by

thank you

In just about every culture there is some code of conduct that you could call “manners.” Why is this? What’s the point of manners, and why are they important?

Manners are important for a variety of reasons. Parents need to make a point of teaching their children manners, too, to help their children grow into successful adults.

Here are some reasons why manners are important and why they should be taught to children.


Manners are a way of showing respect, both for yourself and others. They indicate that you are concerned for the sensibilities and reactions of other people. If you say “please,” for instance, you are conveying to the other person that he or she has a choice as to whether or not to do something for you. It becomes an optional request rather than a demand. Manners show that you have taken the time to consider how your actions and words impact others.

Manners also show that you respect yourself, because you’ve taken the time to learn how to be polite. You have estimated yourself as being worthy and capable of learning the ropes of polite society.

Success in Life

It’s hard to deny that good manners help kids and adults succeed. After all, who is going to hire someone rude? Who’s going to invite a rude child to a birthday party? Teachers, professors, bosses, supervisors, relatives…the list goes on of people whose favor will be easier to garner if you have good manners.


Whether professional or personal, relationships are affected by the presence or absence of manners. If you take someone out on a date, her or she will be watching to see if you have good manners or not, and may choose not to go out with you again if your manners are poor.

If you are in a job interview, the business may choose not to hire you if you have bad manners, even if your skills are exceptional and relevant. Many jobs, including entrepreneurships, require you to interact with clients and customers. Bad manners could mean lost business.

Cultural Identity

Manners are a way of identifying with your own culture and the cultures of other people. If you learn the manners in another country or culture, you will be more likely to make a good impression. Learning the manners in your own culture can be a way to explore historical practices, customs, and other interesting facts about your culture. Manners bind us together as a people and bridge the gap between people groups.

Good manners really come down to caring about others. It’s polite to laugh at an un-funny joke so the person who told the joke doesn’t feel awkward or bad; it’s polite to say thank you so that the person who gave something to you feels appreciated. Manners are, ultimately, a way of caring about other people.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

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Show Off Friday #93

Mar 21, 2014 by

I love to sew bags!
These bags are beautiful! I was so impressed by the nice variety of bags she sewed up so quickly. Wesens-Art


Encouraging Kids to Help on the Farm
This is such a nice post and applies so well to parenting in general. Thank you, Katie! Katie’s Farm

katies farm

Burt’s Bees Lip Products Review
I’m a huge Burt’s Bees fan! Check out this great review. Kate, The Blog Diva

burt's bees review

The Perfect Corned Beef Dinner
Doesn’t this look like a perfectly wonderful dinner! It’s Always Ruetten

beer boiled corned beef


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Delicious Lunchbox Sandwich Wrap Ideas

Mar 18, 2014 by

chicken wrap width 410

Lunch is an important meal for kids. They get a pick-me-up in the middle of the day in order to keep going. One way to get them to eat a healthy lunch is with sandwich wraps.

Wraps are the newest trend in lunchbox sandwiches. They have put something interesting back into lunch. And, with so many other high-calorie foods to choose from in many lunch cafeterias, they are a way to keep kids eating well.

The Benefits of Wrap Sandwiches

Kids love to eat with their hands, even when they get older. A wrap sandwich is easy to make and even easier to eat. You can cut them small so they are more like pinwheel sandwiches. Or, keep them in two pieces for less mess.

There are a variety of breads to use with wrap sandwiches. One of the most common is tortillas. Choose from corn, flour or whole wheat.

If that doesn’t meet your taste needs, try pita bread. Pitas are great for smaller kids because they keep everything contained for them. Just cut a pita in half. Now you have two nice pockets ready to be filled with all sorts of foods.

You can also use flatbread. For someone who wants to add more flavor, you can choose from plain, sundried tomato, spinach and whole wheat – to name a few.

Kids can have a cold or hot lunch if they prefer. For wraps that need to be heated, don’t forget to place a container in their lunch for that purpose. But, mostly, wraps can be eaten cold and enjoyed for a quick nourishing meal.

Wrap sandwiches allow kids to be the masters of their own lunch meal. They can pick out their own fillings and put the sandwich together at school. Separate each food item to avoid mess and then let them wow their friends at the lunch table as they create a sandwich that is uniquely theirs.

Wrap Sandwich Ideas

You can put together a ton of combinations so that your child doesn’t have to eat the same thing twice if they don’t want to. Here are a few ideas for you to present to your kids for sandwich combinations.

* Chicken breast and tomato
* Roasted turkey and lettuce
* BLT (bacon/lettuce/tomato)
* Mac ‘n cheese and bacon
* Beef strips and veggies
* Bologna and cheese
* Chicken salad

These are a few combinations that you kids might find good for their wrap sandwich. If you are adding sauces like mayonnaise or salad dressing to the sandwich, place it in a small container instead of on the wrap. This avoids the soggy bread syndrome at lunchtime.

When school begins, save yourself some money with new exciting lunch ideas like wrap sandwiches.

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Show Off Friday #92

Mar 14, 2014 by

Green Tulle St. Patrick’s Day Bookmarks
Thank you for sharing, Judy! Judy’s Handmade Creations

green tulle st patricks

Double Lemon Competition Cupcakes!
These cupcakes are gorgeous! sew lah tea dough

double lemon cupcakes

Happy 18th Birthday to my Furbaby Blacks!
This fellow is so handsome! Happy Birthday! Kate, The Blog Diva


Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup
This recipe is a keeper! Mamas Blog Central



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