Show Off Friday 140

Feb 26, 2015 by

There are always so many wonderful things you share each week and it’s always so hard to choose the features! But I hope you enjoy the ones I’ve chosen this week. Thanks for stopping in and helping to make this party so much fun. Happy linking!

Wordless Wednesday – Magellan Sees A Squirrel!
I’m sure you will agree Magellan is a hansome cat and Wordless Wednesday is a fun party too! Create with Joy


7 Surefire Ways To Squash Self-Esteem
This is a very insightful post on how we can squash our children’s self esteem without realizing. Mom’s Magazine


How to Turn an Old Record Album Book into a Faux Metal Photo Album
I love this beautiful effect! scrapality


Show Off Friday

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Sunflowers ~Proudly Proclaiming Summer

Feb 21, 2015 by

Sunflowers are another of my favorites! They are so bright, bold and beautiful and so loyal to the sun. They are always a part of my flower bed or garden -non-negotiable! I remember driving the kids to camp a few years ago and there was a huge sunflower field stretching to the horizon. It was so beautiful against the intense blue sky. So here are some sunflowers for you to enjoy!

bright yellow sunflowers

Here is a beautiful poem by Latisha J. Greaves-Barker that expresses so well how I feel!

bright sunflowers and blue sky

sunflower seed packet
Source -Lisa’s Creative Designs

velvet queen sunflower
Source -Swallowtail Garden Seeds

I love the way they look at the sun and just soak it up!

sunflower looking to the sun

you are my sunshine
Source -Etsy

Here’s a gorgeous watercolor by Sherry Roper.

sunflowers by sherry roper
Source -Sherry Roper Fine Art

Here’s some more beautiful sunflower art by Joy Hall

sunflowers gratitude
Source -Courtney Davis Inc. -Joy Hall

I love this look!

Sunflowers in Vintage Jars
Source -On Sutton Place


sunflowers with blue allium
Source -Indulgy

According to Wikipedia there were 7 versions of Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and these are 2 of them -the 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Six Sunflowers 1888

vincent van gogh sunflowers

Anyone for a giant pineapple!

sunflower pineapples
Source -the knot

Oh so pretty!

sunflower bouqets
Source -Style Me Pretty

sunflower sunset
Source -Pinterest

sunflower field
Source -Norfolk Florist

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Show Off Friday 139

Feb 19, 2015 by

How To Make Strawberry Roses
These are exquisite! The Pin Junkie

strawberry roses

How To Stop the Other War on Women
I really enjoyed this post -it really makes you think about how we can hurt each other and how unnecessary it is! Pretty Simple Ideas

stop war on women

DIY: Leather Dresser Pulls
These leather pulls are gorgeous! Mrs. White Twig

leather pulls

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Delightful Daisies ~Waiting for the Sun

Feb 18, 2015 by

There is no flower on earth as delightful as the humble daisy. Daisies speak of summer and sun and beauty but have a cool fresh feel to them -they are a cool fresh breeze on a warm summer day. If you aren’t totally in love with daisies, this will definitely change your mind! I know you will enjoy this lovely daisy parade!

First I would like to introduce you to “Daisy Dear”

daisy dear
Source -The Old Design Shop

daisy bouquet
Source -Desktop Nexus

vintage daisy postcard
Source -ebay

daisy mosaic
Source -it’s a green life

daisy pasture
Source -Pinterest

This painting by Serena Lewis is totally gorgeous!

white daisies - serena lewis
Source -Serena Lewis

There are a few pretty little daisies in this stunning crowd of white flowers. Wow -so pretty!

beautiful white bouquet
Source -Wreckorated

Even the humble daisy can be elegant when she wants to be!

fresh as a daisy
Source -Stone Gable

shabby country
Source -Shabby Love Blog

Daisies and Dots by Pat Fiorello

daisies and dots
by Fiorello Art & Design

Petal Pinpoint Daisies by Nancy Medina

Petal Pinpoint Daisies
by Nancy Medina Art

Gerber Daisies by Justin Clements

Gerber Daisies
by JustinClementsDailyPaintings

Do you remember that Daisy, Daisy -Bicycle Built for Two song?

seed catalog cover
Featured on Heaven in a Wildflower

daisies dress
Source -ModCloth

Racey Helps
Source -Cassandra Considers All Things Bright & Beautiful


daisy baby hat
Source -Etsy

And the grande finale is the Spilled Milk Daisies to brighten the rest of your day!

Spilled Milk Daisies
Source -Little House in the Suburbs

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Show Off Friday 138

Feb 12, 2015 by

Golden Glimmer Shutter Card
This is a really amazing card! Stamping with Linda

golden glimmer card

Vintage Heart Ornaments – Perfect For Valentines Day
You will find a great tutorial here to make these sparkling beauties! Surroundings by Debi


15 Purses, Bags and Totes You Can Sew!
There are so many nice bags here! The Crafty Blog Stalker

purses bags to sew

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Show Off Friday 137

Feb 5, 2015 by

You + Me And A Family Tree
What a beautiful way to honour your family on Valentine’s Day! The Hatched Home


Recipe Smoothie Fun with Healthy Rainbow Foods
This is a really nice way to make a nice healthy smoothie. Kids will love to think they are drinking a rainbow! Jodie Fitz

rainbow smoothies

Valentine Treat Bags
These little treat bags are just too cute! I really love theose sweet little flowers. The Pin Junkie

Floral Valentine Treat bags


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Exquisite Roses ~Longing for Summer

Feb 4, 2015 by

At this time of year summer can seem so far away. There is nothing that says summer quite like roses. I want to share these beautiful roses to help warm up your winter days just a bit. I’m sure you will enjoy these gorgeous roses!

First I will share my desktop wallpaper. I’ve had this for several months and I know I will never get tired of it! I’m not sure where I found it, perhaps at desktop nexus.

roses desktop
Here is a thumbnail of the full size version below. You just need to click on it to open it and then save it.

roses wallpaper

There is this gorgeous website that I stumbled upon when I was searching for roses that would be good for colder climates. This website is really beautiful and this woman named Annelie is a definite rose lover and very knowledgeable about them. You can find everything roses here and this is a picture of a part of her garden.

my rose garden
Source -Rose Gardening Made Easy

I just had to share these beauties!

deep red roses
Source -Pinterest


rose tunnel
Source -Pinterest

You may have heard of Pierre-Joseph Redoute. I gave my mom a beautiful volume of his artwork for her birthday one year and she treasures it still!


I would like to introduce you to an artist named Jo-Ann Coletti of Vintage Rose Collection.

jo-ann coletti
rose window
Source -Vintage Rose Collection

Another gorgeous wallpaper!

roses wallpaper eweb4

Penny is a regular on Show Off Friday and she is a rose lover!

pink pumpkins and roses
Source -Penny’s Vintage Home

royal albert old country roses
Source -etsy

And here is a gorgeous roses souvenir sheet from Canada Post.

roses stamps
Source -Canada Post

roses china teacup
Source -etsy

How about some intense roses decor!


This roses pie topping is amazing!

roses pie topping

And now some lovely postcards from eBay.

car with roses postcard
Source -eBay

lot of 2 fancy roses birthday postcards
Source -eBay

roses and birds postcard
Source -eBay

edwardian lady with roses postcard
Source -eBay

vintage roses gift tags
Source -eBay

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little stroll through the rose garden as much as I have! Thanks for stopping by!

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