Show Off Friday 122

Oct 23, 2014 by

Wasn’t that a fun Pin Junkie Blogiversary Party last week! Thank you so much, Bonnie, for sharing the fun!

Grateful,Thankful and Blessed Wood Plaque!!!
I really thought this was a wonderful little project! Judy’s Handmade Creations

grateful thankful plaque

Seasonal Mason Jar Votives
these are so cute! Our Secondhand House


Recipe: Parmesan Upside Down Baked Potatoes
These look amazing! A must try recipe! a little bit of everything

parm potatoes


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Where You Bean? The Home Coffee Revolution

Oct 20, 2014 by

coffe love

Coffee is serious business. Chains like Starbucks and Costa, as well as small, independent specialists, have brought us freshly ground beans from all over the world, in every strength and flavour. Now, more and more of us want the quality of the coffee we drink at home to match or surpass the coffee shop experience. Supermarkets are getting in on the act too, offering whole coffee beans and a range of coarse and fine ground beans to suit different types of coffee machines and coffee makers.

From a simple cafetiere or drip filter to a catering standard machine, the options for home coffee making are almost limitless. With machines capable of everything from grinding the beans to frothing the milk, coffee fans can do as much or as little of the work as they like.

The AeroPress, made by Aerobie, has become a cult object since its invention in 2005. The device works by pressing a plunger in an airtight cylinder to force coffee through a filter, producing espresso strength coffee. Devotees swear by the taste. However, while it’s great for one, the AeroPress only provides a single serving.

At the other end of the scale of complexity, the Italian company De’Longhi manufactures machines which will walk you through every step of the process from whole beans to finished cup, allowing you to design your own perfect coffee by tweaking your preferences. Italy is a country famous for its coffee, so Italian machines have a certain cachet, and De’Longhi’s sleek black and chrome masterpieces are as much a decorative accessory for your home as they are a practical kitchen appliance, but they will set you back more than a bean or two.

A more recent development is Nescafe’s Nespresso range, and similar products. For those who prefer a hands-off approach, pods or pouches of coffee are inserted and turned into hot drinks. A wide range of types and flavours is available, with guaranteed consistency of strength and flavour. The pods are relatively expensive, and you run the risk of your favourite flavours, or support for your machine, being discontinued.

For every gadget fanatic who loves pressing buttons, there is an old school aficionado who will use nothing but a classic stovetop pot of the type used in Europe for nearly a century, and plenty of coffee drinkers who remain perfectly happy with a jar of instant. Today’s options cater for all tastes, lifestyles, and budgets.

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Pin Junkie Blogiversary Party

Oct 16, 2014 by

Two years ago, Bonnie a.k.a. The Pin Junkie decided to actually do
the things she pinned on Pinterest.  She made a few crafts, tried a few
recipes and had so much fun, she wanted to share her love of Pinterest
with everyone and The Pin Junkie was born!  Now she’s completely addicted and working her way through Pinterest one project at a time.  You can join her at:

The Pin Junkie is celebrating it’s two year blogiversary and these bloggers are helping to celebrate in style with a HUGE link party! When you share your crafts and recipes at this party, they will be seen on all 40 of these blogs!

Party Rules
1.  Share anything family friendly – crafts, recipes, DIY projects.
2.  Visit other links at the party.  It’s always nice to leave some comments and pin from the original source.
3.  Visit and follow a few of the co-hosts.  They’d love it if you dropped by to say hello!

New Mrs. Adventures Made in a Day
Jewels of Sayuri Mom Home Guide
Wow I Like That Blogghetti
Natural Maker Mom at Satsuma Designs 2 Crochet Hooks
 photo button77_zps6991121a.jpg
Delightful Mom So Much To Make
Amanda G. Whitaker “mommyzoid I'm Not a Trophy Wife  photo WPORG_FAV_zpscfc08c44.png
 Who Gave The Baby Coffee What About DIYFunIdeas
 Jenny Marie A Peek Into My Paradise

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Healthy Food on a Modest Budget

Oct 11, 2014 by

healthy food on a modest budget

If you’ve tried to buy healthy food at the grocery store, you might have been put off by the price. After all, organic apples are so much more expensive than conventionally grown ones, and whole grain snack crackers cost more than white soda crackers.

But those price comparisons are not the whole picture – maybe whole grain snack crackers cost more than white ones, but have you compared that to the price of a bag of flour, from which you could make your own snacks? Sometimes you have to rethink the way you view food prices to really get the healthiest food for the best price.

Here are some tips on how you can buy and eat healthy food even on a modest budget.

“Cheap” Food Isn’t as Cheap as You Think

So your favorite brand of potato chips is on sale for $2 a bag, and you have a coupon! But before you gloat about your good deal, have you checked the price of a 3-lb bag of organic potatoes? They may be on sale for $2, too – and guess how many more potato dishes you can make from that bag than you can from a bag of potato chips.

The same goes for nearly all processed foods – they may seem cheap, but buying the whole, healthy version is often cheaper. Think of it this way: instead of buying completed, processed foods, buy ingredients instead. Rather than buying two loaves of bread, buy a bag of whole wheat flour for the same price (or less) and make far more than two loaves.

Stick to the Edges

Overall, whole foods are cheaper than processed, prepackaged ones, and the whole foods are generally sold along the outside edges of the average grocery store. In the center of the store, you’ll find cereal, candy, bread, canned foods, and so forth; along the edges you’ll find produce, meat, and dairy. The exception to this might be whole grains and dried beans – many stores stock their whole grain flours and dried beans in the center aisles.

Cut Back on Meat

When it comes to budgeting your groceries, you may find that meat takes up a big chunk of the budget. However, replacing meat with processed meat substitutes (such as tofu burgers) is not particularly cost-effective. Instead, consider replacing meat with other protein sources, such as brown rice and beans. Blocks of tofu tend to be very inexpensive as well, and are considered healthful meat substitutes.

Buy in Season

Buying foods in season can save a lot of money, and some health experts claim your body processes seasonal foods better. Buying local foods helps, too, and stocking up on favorites when they are in season and preserving them yourself can save a lot. Canning, freezing, and drying seasonal fruits and vegetables helps boost your diet in the winter months, and it’s easier on your budget.

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Show Off Friday 121

Oct 9, 2014 by

Fight Viruses with Organic Herbs
This is a must read as we enter into cold season! Back to the Basics!


Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Chalk About
I thought this was really cute! The Heathered Nest

stair nook

Homemade Taco Seasoning
Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing this great recipe! The Pin Junkie

Homemade Taco Seasoning


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5 Tips on Raising More Active Children

Oct 7, 2014 by

5 tips raising more active children

As we know, a sedentary lifestyle is ruining our kid’s health. Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure are skyrocketing in today’s children. While playing too many video games and watching too much TV are mostly to blame, we as parents are ultimately responsible by not doing enough to get our kids off the couch, and to go outside to play and get exercise.
But if you are at a loss as far as how to do that, here are five ways to get your kids moving:

Establish electronics usage and play times.
Encourage exercising by giving gifts that promote it.
Educate your kids on the benefits of exercising and healthy eating.
Lead by example.
Provide opportunities to get active .

Establish electronics usage and play times

When we were growing up, we always had a physical education class while in school, but now schools don’t have that class anymore, so as parents we have to substitute with something else.
So instead of them sitting on the couch after supper playing video games, turn them off and instead go for a family walk or bike ride. Not only will it be good for your kids, but also for you. Think about signing your kids up for an after school sport in something they like to do. Anything to get them more exercise.

Encourage exercising by giving gifts that promote it

For birthdays or Christmas, include a gift that will get their heart rate up, like a jump rope, tennis racquet, baseball glove, etc. To use the gift requires exercising. See the connection?

Educate your kids on the benefits of exercising

Explain why going for a hike, a walk or playing in the park is good for them. Emphasize the health benefits, like a stronger heart, more muscle, weight control, etc. Just be sure to keep it on their level and not get too technical.

Lead by example

You can’t expect your kids to go out and play if you stay inside and watch TV. Kids are like sponges in that they absorb everything you do and in most cases want to emulate you. Set a bad example and they will follow it just as they would if you set a good example. The choice is yours.

Provide opportunities to get active

If you make exercising fun, kids won’t even realize they are doing it. Games like tag or hopscotch are fun to play. Both games get the heart rate up, the body moving and don’t require much as far as equipment – just some chalk for hopscotch.

Being a kid should be about going outside, playing and having fun, not about sitting on the couch watching TV for hours on end. Get them (and yourself) up, outside and moving on nice days or take them to the mall and walk, or to the YMCA/YWCA on days of inclement weather.

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Show Off Friday 120

Oct 2, 2014 by

Fall Idea House #2
There are some really gorgeous fall decor ideas here! G+ GrandParents Plus

fall decor ideas

10 Fall Slow Cooker Recipes
And here are some yummy fall ideas! Home. Made. Interest.



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