Show Off Friday 135

Jan 22, 2015 by

This week I am featuring very creative and useful ideas! Enjoy!

My Fav Free Photo Editing Software for Blogs
Let’s Drink Coffee, Darling

Blog Photo Editing Programs

Organize that Tupperware!
Peanut Life Adventures

organized tupperware

Budget Friendly Craft Projects
The Pin Junkie

cheap crafts


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Show Off Friday 134

Jan 15, 2015 by

This week’s theme is “Healthy” I hope you enjoy these great features!

Blueberry Coconut Smoothie Recipe with Kale Served with Veggie Snack Sushi
Jodie Fitz


18 Healthy Recipes to Lose Weight
Budget Girl

18 healthy recipes

Healthy, Home-made Noodle Bowl
Turtles & Tails

healthy homemade noodle bowl


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27 Great Reasons to Declutter

Jan 14, 2015 by

reasons to declutter

1. Decrease stress -Less stuff to take care of and trip over means a lot less stress!

2. Clear your mind -All that extra stuff is taking up thinking time and space.

3. Stop wasting time searching for things -How much time have you wasted looking for something?

4. Breathe easier -less dust!

5. More time for family and fun -Less time on organizing and maintaining your things gives you more time to use the way you would like.

6. Feel better about your home.

7. Have friends over more -How many times have you avoided having friends over because you feel uncomfortable about them seeing your clutter?

8. Room in the garage for the car!

9. Save money -stop buying duplicates.

10. You might even find some lost money! -No kidding you might have money and uncashed cheques lying around in the clutter.

11. Feel better about yourself -You will feel better about yourself and more relaxed with less stuff bogging you down.

12. Feel more in control -You will be more in control of your stuff and it will be less in control of you.

13. Everything looks better -An uncluttered home just looks so much better. All the broken and old things, and piles of things can really detract from looking good.

14. Your living space feels calmer -I have found that being in a less cluttered room just feels so much more peaceful.

15. Have more space -That clutter is taking up a lot of space that might look better and be more functional without clutter.

16. Have more energy -Clutter is a big drain on your energy as well as your time.

17. Emotional freedom from that stuff -It’s time to free yourself from stuff you may be emotionally attached to in an unhealthy way.

18. You might find lost items.

19. Safety -There are many ways that clutter can be unsafe. Think about what may be a threat in the furnace room for example or tripping in cluttered hallways.

20. Someone else may need it -Donate those useful but unneeded items to your local thrift store to help improve the lives of others and be more eco friendly.

21. You don’t want to become a hoarder -nip those hoarder tendencies in the bud.

22. Be a good example to your family -Decluttering is contagious and good habits will always rub off on those around us.

23. Learn to be happy with less -decluttering really changes our mindset to be more grateful for what we have and wanting less to be happy.

24. Make some extra money -You can sell some things on eBay or Kijiji for some extra cash.

25. Save money on storage fees -If you are paying for storage space you may be a able to declutter enough so you won’t need that space any more.

26. Increase your home’s value -A peaceful, spacious looking and decluttered home will look more valuable.

27. Easier to downsize -If you are thinking of downsizing, having less stuff to move and less stuff to find space for will make it easier to make a decision to downsize.

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Show Off Friday 133

Jan 8, 2015 by

This looks really yummy! Making Our Sustainable Life

sourdough pizza

Top 6 Tablescapes of 2014
Kathe’s tablescapes are always beautiful! Kathe With an E

Spring Tablescape

Super cute! Paper Seedlings

stella's cat


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Show Off Friday 132

Jan 1, 2015 by

The Best Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe
This looks really yummy! Tulips & Orchids

chicken pasta salad

Free amigurumi pattern little girl Kate
This looks like a really nice little project! jennyandteddy

free amigurumi little girl pattern


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Achieving a Positive Childbirth Experience

Dec 29, 2014 by

positive birth experience

Childbirth can be one of the most emotionally overwhelming times of your life. You’re excited. You’re anxious and perhaps fearful. You’re also possibly physically exhausted. Yet the birth experience can be one of the most positive and rewarding moments of your life. Use these tips to help achieve a positive birth experience.

Write down your questions and fears

These fears and questions can hinder your experience. If you’re a high risk pregnancy or have special considerations then it’s even more important that you have all of your questions answered and fears allayed. Read good pregnancy books to help answer your questions too. If you’re able to go into childbirth having full knowledge of what to expect you’ll have a better experience. Ask questions!

Create a birthing plan

Your birthing plan outlines what you want to happen during the birth of your child. It lists who you want with you in the birthing room, how you want to deliver. Do you want music? Do you want to wear your own clothes? How do you want to manage pain? And what do you want after the birth of your child? For example, do you want your own room? Do you want to stay in the hospital as long as you can or would you rather go home?

Take good care of yourself

Get plenty of rest, eat and if you’re not on bed rest, move your body.

Everyone likes to share their childbirth stories

It’s a bonding experience. Yet some people’s stories can be quite negative. Avoid these stories. If a friend dives into a horror story, simply let her know you are avoiding negative birth stories. She’ll understand.

Take a childbirth class

The class will help you learn what to expect on the big day. Additionally, they’re generally quite supportive. It can be a bonding time for you and your partner. When the big day arrives, you’ll have learned some techniques to help you have a positive birth experience.

During labor relax as much as possible

Sleep if you can. If not, then listen to music. Find a comfortable position. Labor can be a long process so it’s important to be as relaxed as possible during the early stages.

Stay hydrated!

Your body needs the fluids to function optimally. The more hydrated you are, the better you’ll feel.

Walk and move around

Until you’re in active labor it’s generally okay to get up and move around. If you feel like getting out of bed then do so. In fact, walking can help sooth contractions and make them feel less intense.

Stay relaxed and focused during active childbirth

If you’re in the hospital they may guide you to choose a focal point. If you’re delivering at home you have many options to help you stay relaxed and focused. Your body and mind naturally help you focus during the pushing and delivery part of childbirth. Find your focal point or happy place and relax.

Hold your baby in the first moments

These precious first few moments are so important. Your baby may actually begin nursing right away. Enjoy this skin to skin contact.

After delivery treat yourself well

Reflect on the day and all you’ve accomplished. If you journal, write down your experiences.
Continue to get plenty of rest and treat yourself well. If massage is available take advantage of it. Sleep well, eat well and tend to your physical body as well as your mental and emotional one. You’re a new mother now and that means taking care of yourself and your new little one.

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Show off Friday 131

Dec 26, 2014 by

DIY | Evergreen Wreaths
Totally gorgeous! The Quick Journey

wreath collage

Washi Tape Tips: Use the Little Leftover Bits!
I really liked this! Stamping on the Back Porch

washi tape star

Last minute Edible gifts : Chocolate dipped pretzels & Microwavable Holiday S’mores Dip
Here’s some great stuff to serve those holiday visitors! Vikalpah

dipped pretzels smores dip


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