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Healthy Chocolate Covered Bananas
Now here is a great healthy snack! Pancake Warriors


Meet my grandparents part V #FlashbackFriday
I really enjoyed this post with all the lovely old photos! Curious as a Cathy

meet my grandparents

Nailed it! Bacon Bouquet for Father’s Day
This one speaks all for itself! Pretty Simple Ideas

bacon bouquet

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Show Off Friday 154

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This week I am sharing features that are a lot of yummy and a bit of cute!

Banana Split Fruit Kabobs with Dip
All She Cooks

banana strawberry kabobs

Skillet Blueberry Cobbler

homemade blueberry cobbler

Father’s Day Origami Shirt Cards
The Pin Junkie

origami shirt card

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Newborn Baby Care Essentials

Jun 17, 2015 by

new baby care

Having a baby for the first time evokes a lot of emotions. You feel happy yet fear at the same time because you still don’t know what to do. You feel excited yet you also feel anxious because you are delving into the unknown. These are just some of the emotions first-time parents, most especially, will experience about the whole thing.

This is probably the reason why most people turn to experienced parents such as friends or relatives for some much-needed newborn baby care advice.

Those who are not that lucky to have support groups normally hit the shelves of bookshops in a dire effort to get hold of My First Baby books.

Almost immediately, parents find themselves entangled in a predicament when the baby starts to cry. In reality, you don’t really need to worry too much when this happens. Keep in mind that an infant will usually cry whenever he or she is hungry, wet, uncomfortable, provoked, or in pain. You simply need to attend to your baby’s needs in order to settle him down.

Having a check-list in hand may also help you a lot and eliminate panic. Try to check through your list each time your baby cries to figure out the cause of distress. Once the main problem has been identified and dealt with, you’ll soon observe your little one go back to a peaceable state. It’s also an excellent idea to take advantage of this opportunity to lull your infant to sleep. This way, you can make use of the free time to do a few things for yourself.

Establishing Routines

As much as you want to hold your baby all the time, you simply can’t-and shouldn’t. Remember that you also need to take care of yourself, as well as perform certain house chores. Just imagine how you’ll be able to attend to other important matters if you always carry your baby around the house. Time-management is indeed a valuable skill that parents ought to acquire and develop.

Your little one is likely to become accustomed to a particular routine if you keep adhering to it. So start establishing a schedule for sleep and daytime naps. This way, you can squeeze in a chore or two while your little angel slumbers.

See to it that the place where you lay your baby down is safe, comfortable and well ventilated. Appropriate clothing and covers are also important as such factors can affect your infant’s quality of sleep.

Utilizing Sounds

The truth of the matter is that babies can actually fall asleep almost anywhere. They can even doze off in the noisiest of places with no trouble. Of course, this requires a bit of getting used to. That’s why parents who expose their little ones to the sound of a vacuum cleaner or other noise-producing household appliances earlier on have no problem performing house chores while the baby is asleep. Their infants have certainly adapted well to the noise.

Various sounds have also been proven to assist parents in settling their little ones down. Apart from recreating the “shushing” sound-which is reminiscent of their time in the womb, playing some relaxing music is also an excellent way to lull a baby to sleep. Make an effort to turn this practice into a habit so that your baby will soon associate a particular melody with sleeping time.

If you just remain patient and resourceful, you’ll definitely come across a boundless supply of “My First Baby” parenting tips. So do all you can to get rid of-or at least reduce-the anxiety that goes along with becoming a first-time parent.

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Colic – A Normal Occurrence In Babies

Jun 16, 2015 by

crying pumpkin

Why Do Babies Cry?

As babies cannot talk, crying is a way of expressing their feelings when they are in discomfort. But when crying goes on for hours, parents get alarmed, but they need to be aware of the symptoms and try to be as calm as possible- in short, they need to comfort the child, so that the child gets some measure of relief from colic.

There are innumerable reasons why a baby cries – it happens when the infant is hungry or irritable, but if the child cries for a length of time, you can assume that he has colic.

Colic is when a baby cries non-stop for more than 3 hours and this can be considered normal till the infant is 4 months old. Parents need to concentrate on how to help the child and relieve its suffering and not worry about the causes.

Those parents who do not know or haven’t read about colic will be in a state of panic, and it is necessary to let them know that this will pass after a few months.

Parents have been known to take the baby to a hospital, and find that there is nothing to be alarmed about as colic affects newborns.

Many parents lose much of their sleep after a hard day’s work, and this happens even if they take turns in attending to the baby.

How To Provide Relief And Comfort For Your Baby

One important point a mother needs to remember is to burp the baby after its feed. This is a known cause of colic.

A baby may need a change of scene, and could be brought out. Another way of diverting its attention is to take the child in a stroller to the park or even a ride in the car.

Just as a bath relieves adults after a stressful day, the same is the case with babies. You will need to make sure that the water is not too hot – just warm to soothe and relax the child.

Also distractions in the form of toys can be hung by the baby’s crib or soft music can be played. These are simple ways of de-stressing a baby.

The most important thing that you can give your infant is love and time. Also it is important for the mom to find out what the child is allergic to in terms of food.

There are gas producing foods and this can be passed on to the child through mother’s milk. Therefore it is essential to discover the foods that agree with the baby.

There are ups and downs in bringing up a child. Colic is only the beginning. Occasionally hiring a babysitter for a little break could help you, but in the final analysis, it is the love of the parents that counts most of all.

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10 Simple Ways for Living Green at Home

Jun 15, 2015 by

green living tips

It’s easy being green. Everyday occurrences like inactive computers and bottled water, when used intelligently, can have minimum impact on the earth. But there are numerous ways to live green, 10 of which are listed below

1. Use energy saver light bulbs. Yes, they’re more costly than luminescent light bulbs, but switch out your luminescent bulb for energy saver bulbs in your house and you can save up to 30% on your energy bill.

2. Keep your car in good condition. The best way is to use your car regularly, but only for longer journeys. Short trips that require your car to stop and start before it’s fully warmed up can decrease the life of your engine. For short trips to the local store, consider walking or cycling. For those who must use their car on extended journeys, improving even the most incompetent of cars’ fuel mileage is as simple as keeping your tires appropriately inflated and changing the oil and air filters frequently. And follow those traffic rules, your car burns less fuel when you drive slowly and follow the speed limit on highways.

3. It is essential that your dishwasher and washing machine and dryer are filled before using them. These major household appliances use large quantities of energy, so decrease their use as much as possible by only using them with full loads.

4. It is recommended that you wash your clothes with cold water and dry them on a line. Using cold water rather than warm in the washer saves energy and works just as well as warm water for most clothes. Drying clothes on the line is not only more eco-friendly but also keeps the quality of the cloth from deteriorating.

5. Switch off and unplug unused electronics. Your computer might be snoozing, but if there is a light on, it’s still using electricity. Switch off and unplug your computer, printer, TV, radio or any electronic appliance when you’re not using it.

6. Omit the bottled water. Obviously water is good for you, but the procedure of collecting the raw materials, processing and developing the petroleum-based plastic water bottles and transporting them to market is really energy concentrated. So clean your own water and fill up your own bottles for drinking water.

7. Purchase products with less packaging, and with packaging that your society recycles. It’s suitable to buy snack crackers already separated into even; individual pieces in plastic bags.

8. Support local farmers. Food produced or grown halfway around the world didn’t just emerge in the supermarket. It was transported by airplane, ship, truck or train, and no matter which means of transport it took, greenhouse gases were released along the way. Purchase the apple grown in your country instead of the banana grown in a different country.

9. Grow a tree in your garden. It seems easy, but just one tree can compensate for tons of carbon over its duration. If planted properly, it also will offer shade on a bright day, perhaps decreasing the use of electricity for air-conditioning in houses.

10. Try to use green power. Many corporations offer renewable power alternatives such as wind power or solar energy which can offer a great alternative.

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Mocha Quinoa Energy Bites
Here’s a great healthy snack! Pancake Warriors


Focus Friday: Golden Glory
So gorgeous! Paper Seedlings

Focus Friday Golden Glory

Coconut Oil Lotion Recipe
This is a great DIY lotion! The Crafty Blog Stalker

diy lotion

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Ridding Counter Tops of Bacteria and Grime With Organic Measures

Jun 9, 2015 by

ridding the kitchen of bacteria and grime

Your counter tops handle a lot of different actions. In the kitchen, your counter tops hold appliances, they’re used to holding cutting boards for food preparation, they hold dish ware in preparation for serving food and in many cases, it’s where we put the groceries we bring in from the car until we put the food away.

Bacteria from the food preparation lands on your counter tops. Food from meals ends up on your counter tops and dirt from the groceries also aims for the counter top. Kids put all kinds of things on them – from a flower plucked out of the yard to rocks to sticky, dirty hands – and your counter tops begin to collect dirt and start to look grimy.

Bacteria and grime in the kitchen is the number one cause of the spread of germs that can make your family sick. You want to keep your counter tops free from anything that can harm your family – and that includes cleaning supplies.

When you wipe with a cleaning solution or a cleaning wipe that’s soaked in solution, whatever chemicals are in that product are now on your counter tops mixing with your food and are also getting onto your kids’ hands and maybe in their mouths!

You want to use an organic counter top cleaning solution. You can easily find these products in a variety of sizes and natural ingredients designed to clean your counter tops, deodorize them and give your kitchen a pleasant scent, too.

You also want a cleaner that’s gentle on your surfaces. You can have that with an all purpose counter top spray that come in a variety of scents. You can get basil, lavender and more. The vegetable protein in the cleaners help keep kitchen odours down, too.

Of course, you don’t want to have to buy one cleaner for your kitchen counter tops and a separate kind for your bathroom counters – you want one that can do both jobs. An organic all purpose cleaner is intended for both bathroom and kitchen counters.

Sometimes there are quick spills that you want to get up or you might have dropped a piece of uncooked meat onto the counter and you quickly want to clean and disinfect that area without bringing out the spray. You’ll want something handy nearby. For that purpose, you can use disinfecting wipes that are organic.

When a counter top gets a scuff mark from a can or other kitchen gadget, you can clean this by using an organic cleaner that has cornstarch in the ingredients. These types of cleaners can also take ink stains off counters, so if you were writing out a grocery list and accidentally marked on the counter, an organic cleaner with coconut oil plus cornstarch can take that right out.

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