Get Your Kids Up and Running with Physical Fitness Fun

Jul 28, 2015 by

keep your kids active

Love to run but want to get your whole family involved? You can get your kids up and running with physical fitness fun. Here are some ideas how and why it’s a good idea.

Some parents first expose their children to running from the time they’re in the stroller. The parents’ habit of running every day gives their children the sense that exercise is part of a normal routine, and that it’s something they, too, can do.

There are many benefits to running. Families that get fit together are healthy and happy. Running increases endorphins, burns calories, builds muscles, and helps create a strong cardiovascular system. Children are natural runners and love to go fast, whether it’s on the playground, running around the yard, or chasing after a pet or a kite. Studies are showing that children who begin to enjoy running at an early age are more successful in sports, keep a healthy weight, and establish a lifetime of heart-healthy fitness habits.

In addition to the health benefits, research shows that active teens are better students. The British Journal of Sports Medicine released findings that eleven-year-olds who spend more time being active did better on some tests than eleven year olds who were less active. Their findings also showed that those who were more active as eleven-year-olds did better on some of the tests two to five years later.

Consider starting your child out with running games such as playing tag, pickle, kick the can or Red Rover or spider. What about running around with squirt guns or spraying each other with a hose? Once your child is ready to hit the road, you can continue to make it a game. Run toward a specific destination – the stop sign, the neighbor’s mailbox. Then hit the next destination. Many children cringe at the thought of running two miles, but building up from one goal to the next makes this accomplishment easier than they imagined.

Once your kids have built up some stamina and muscle, you can build up to races. Are you running a 5K? Let your kids be there to cheer you on. After they’ve seen a race and know what to expect, consider bringing the little ones along in a stroller and see if the older ones want to run alongside you. They can start out slow and build up to a faster pace.

At home, kids might enjoy fitness apps to make their running more fun. One favorite is an app that forces you to run fast to avoid a zombie attack. The app synchs with your music. As the music plays, you begin to run. Shortly after the first song, there’s a radio-like interruption that informs you that zombies have been sighted nearby. You must out-run them or be eaten!
Once you’ve proven your mettle, the DJ keeping watch in the tower above your neighborhood will allow you to become a part of their running team and will ask you to make runs to get supplies and medicines while avoiding the zombies. The app tracks your movements and knows if you’ve sped up enough to avoid the flesh eaters. What better way for your teen to enjoy running?

There are a lot of ways to make running fun. Whether it’s a family game of tag outside, running through a scavenger hunt or obstacle course or competing in a local race, getting your kids up and running is a worthwhile activity for everyone. It can give them a healthy heart, more confidence and even do better in school. Why not consider bringing your kids along next time you’re going for a run?

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Fitness Tips to Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

Jul 20, 2015 by

childhood fitness

It’s been said that inactivity is a prime contributor to childhood obesity. Kids’ weight used to take care of itself for the most part, because kids were so naturally active in the past. They still are, actually! It’s just that nowadays that natural active nature gets lost in the fascination with television screens, computer games, and so forth. It needs to be reawakened.

So how can you encourage your child to get active? Here are some fitness tips to prevent childhood obesity.


Given the proper motivation, kids tend to gravitate toward physical activity. For example, if you put a group of kids together in a gymnasium with a couple of balls, they will soon be running around and playing games. So why not try that? Turn your kids loose with nothing but a ball, Frisbee, beanbags or the like, and see what they do. Try to get together with other kids and let it be a get-together without screen time.

Fun Stuff

There are lots of games that involve movement and physical activity. Relay races, duck-duck-goose, backyard football, and other activities can get kids of all ages moving.

Schedule It In

It can take a while for a new addition to your lifestyle to take hold unless you schedule it in. Otherwise, you might forget or just not get around to it. So once you have your activities in mind, write them into your schedule. Maybe you could take some of that television time for your family activities.

Family Involvement

Make a play date with your children! It will be good for you as well as them. Play outside or inside – just play an active game. Maybe a nice hike or bike ride suits your family dynamic, or perhaps you like horseshoes on the lawn or a dance party indoors. Choose something that fits your children’s temperament to encourage involvement.

Talk about It

Mention the importance of keeping fit to your kids. You don’t have to sit them down and give them a big lecture, but make healthy talk a part of your everyday conversations. Mention it, talk about it, and include it in your conversations. Point out healthy foods and unhealthy ones, and talk about what sugar and fat do to your body when it’s appropriate. It will sink in over time.

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Fitness for Your Pre-Teen and Why It’s So Important

Jul 15, 2015 by

pre teen fitness

The U.S. Centers for Disease Prevention discovered that 60% of children between the ages of 9 and 13 do no organized physical activity outside of school. 23% of children from ages 9 to 13 engage in no free time physical activities either. It’s true that many children this age have a lot of homework – nevertheless, it’s important to be active. Here are some tips for fitness for your pre-teen and why it’s so important.

Exercise Is No Longer a Built-In Part of the Day

Today’s middle-aged adults may find themselves fighting a stubborn middle-age spread. Former high school track stars have evolved into busy parents who juggle careers and families and it’s hard to keep up the fitness levels we once had. But when we were young, many of us were more active. We rode bikes to our friends’ houses and spent hours running around and playing outside. If we wanted to watch a movie, we had to actually get up and go to a theater or make a trip to the video rental store. If we wanted to play video games, many of us went to an arcade – often traveling by bike to get there.

Compare that to today’s kids, who have everything they need for hours of entertainment conveniently located in their family computer or smartphone. Even buying things can be done with the click of a mouse. As a result, today’s kids are inherently more sedentary than past generations. The exercise we got naturally – through bike rides to our friends’ houses and playing outside – are not a necessary part of their daily life. Exercise has to be planned, fitted in. It’s an additional activity, not a natural part of the process.

Set Up Healthy Habits

Establishing fitness habits at an early age can lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. A pre-teen is still malleable. The habits you instill now as a parent are habits that will continue with your child for a lifetime. If you teach your children the importance of being active and your child and your family lead an active lifestyle, your children will simply get in the habit of running, exercising, and keeping fit. And this habit will be likely to continue through college and adulthood.

Fitness Is Psychologically Important

Pre-teens are in the awkward years. Exercise can boost confidence, release endorphins, reduce that antsy pent-up energy kids this age get, alleviate tension, and boost confidence. Whether the confidence comes from knowing your child can outrun a bully or whether from knowing he or she is healthy, strong and fit, fitness is a definite bonus. Who wouldn’t want to equip their child with extra confidence as you send them to middle school?

Improve Grades

Studies have shown that children who are active in their pre-teen years – age eleven was specified – do better on some academic tests. They also found that these kids continue to do well on tests several years later because they exercised when they were eleven.

There are many reasons establishing a habit of fitness for your pre-teen is an important move. Not only will your child gain a foundation of healthy living if you establish fitness habits at an early age, but she will also benefit from cardiovascular health, improved grades, a surge in confidence and psychological well-being.

Whether you encourage your child to take part in a school sport, an independent activity such as biking or martial arts or simply encourage her to ride her bike, run or help with yard care, encouraging your child to be active will make a big difference in her life.

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Lovely Lilacs

Jul 7, 2015 by

I want to share with you another one of my all time favourite flowers ~ Enjoy!

lilac sitting room
Source -Aiken House & Gardens

shabby chic lilacs
Source -Pinterest

rustic lilacs
Source -The Farm Chicks

lilacs vignette
Source -52 Flea

lilacs print
Source -Bumble Button

rugged lilacs vignette

lilacs in glass bottles
Source -Midwest Living

vintage lilacs and bird print
Source -The Graphics Fairy

old bike with lilacs
Source -French Country Cottage

lilac bouquet in mason jar
Source -Itsy Bits and Pieces

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